Milagros Soap

The word Milagro means “Miracle” in Spanish.  Milagros Soap Company, proudly carried at Kneading Hands, has worked hard to perfect their miraculous hand made creations.  Even Sister Agnes, Patron Saint of Cleanliness, would be proud.  Afterall, she believed that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

About Milagros hand made soap

Their soap is made with the finest natural plant extracts and oils.  Milagros soap does not contain any of the toxins, parabens and harsh detergents that others do.  Saponified oils of palm, coconut and sunflower guarantee a luscious, safe and gentle experience, especially for those who suffer from dry and/or sensitive skin.  They utilize only the finest essential and fragrance oils to scent the soaps, no alcohol based perfumes, which allow the soap to remain beautifully fragranced it’s entire life span.  Because the soap has the highest vegetable glycerin content possible, and since glycerin is a natural humectant that pulls moisture to the surface of your skin, it won’t strip your dermis of the properties that allow it to retain hydration.  The colors that are used are cosmetic-grade mineral oxides and pigments that are thoroughly tested and certified non-toxic.  Each bar of soap is hand crafted and beautifully unique, you may use them as safe, healthy and ultimately fun alternative to harsh detergent soaps.